Côte du Py- The Pride of Morgon

Beaujolais is a region situated to the South of Burgundy in Eastern France, it is comprised of 10 different Cru, all producing different styles of wine. Despite all of these different  styles, the entire region only has one main grape... Continue Reading →

Valtellina- Nebbiolo’s other home

Now, when one thinks of the Nebbiolo variety, their thoughts immediately jump to Barolo and Barbaresco from the North-West corner of Italy; in the Piedmont region. These wines are considered to be two of the world's greatest red wines- mainly... Continue Reading →

Stop Drinking Shit Mulled Wine

...please. At this time of year, mulled wine is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The majority of mulled wine available at Christmas markets, supermarket tastings and pubs is more like hot Ribena. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big... Continue Reading →

Selecting red wine (on a student budget)

Having just come out of university I have spent the last few years helping friends choose wine on a student budget, choosing wine can be very daunting and that stems from the ridiculously vast selection that appears on the supermarket... Continue Reading →

Choosing That Christmas Fizz

Choosing wines for Christmas is always tricky, finding a range of wines that suits everyone in the family is a rather daunting challenge... For me, Christmas day cannot possibly start without a bottle of Champagne- following copious amounts of coffee... Continue Reading →

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